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Virtual Private Servers.
Simple & affordable.

Performance and high availability. Enjoy convenience of managed infrastructure.
Preinstalled WordPress as an option.




Covers most of websites
with small traffic.

24/7 uptime monitoring
Basic security
Nightly database backups

up to 4GB memory
webspace from 20GB

Free SSL/TLS protection
SSD drives
sFTP, SSH access




For medium size and daily
traffic of hundreds visitors.

24/7 uptime monitoring
Secure configuration
Nightly database backups
Files backup
CDN, caching
Daytime incident recovery

up to 8 GB memory
webspace from 40GB
Free SSL/TLS protection
SSD drives
sFTP, SSH access

Server storage can be extended. Prices excluding VAT.
You can learn more about our Terms of Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of migrating my site to Alexio?

Don’t worry, we will migrate your entire website and database for free. It’s always best to migrate code from repository if you have one. We provide a no downtime migration when switching your service to Alexio.


My website is down, what to do?

We would be surprised if you’ve ever noticed as we run checks every minute. Any downtime related to hosting, database, HTTP service etc. is our pleasure to fix. If website is down due to an application error or your deployment, we will let you know as we don’t cover your software.

Can I install my software on server?

Sure, it’s yours! You always have root access and can do whatever you fancy, however we’re always here to help if you need expertise. Any time you don’t feel comfortable just ask as Alexio Support Team. We can always review your settings and security afterwards.


Do you provide a distributed infrastructure?

Sure we do! Just let us know your needs, or we can suggest solution based on your servers metrics. We will architect your infrastrucure and set up everything for you, from database replication to load balancers and physical firewalls – we’ve got it all covered!

Ready to get started?

Start and request your hosting package.
No techical skills needed!

Are you an agency?

Runing a multiple clients’ sites – We have multihost pricing for you.